unicycle entertainer artist Leo unicycling with coffee and pizza


About the unicycle artist Leo Vandewoestijne

This performer/unicyclist is serving coffee and cutting pizza at events in a spectacular way.

A functional, world unique and very mobile eye-catcher at your event!
freestyle- and flatland unicycling.
For all kind of shows:
  • festivals
  • streettheater
  • dinnershows
  • trade-shows
  • ice-shows
  • tv-shows
  • movies
  • commercials
  • corporate events
  • sport events
  • your opening
  • parades
  • etc, etc.

If you are unicyclist yourself, you may like to read the unicycle levels.

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Leo Vandewoestijne
tel: +1-866-864-2925
fax: +1-855-864-2925